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Price of Leather Case For IPad Mini 2 - Black in Kenya
Leather Case For IPad Mini 2 - Black

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Jumia Kenya

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Price of Power bank-10000 mAh in Kenya
Power bank-10000 mAh

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Jumia Kenya

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    Buy Ipad and Tablet Online in Kenya

    Choosing between buying iPad or android tablets comes down to what you plan to do with it and how much you are ready to spend.

    Generally, iPad series from Apple is awell respected brand. Ipad is known to set the pace for the whole tablet industry. However, android tablet is more popular here in Kenya.

    Price of iPad vs price of android Tablets

    The main reason for the popularity of iPad in kenya is because android tablet are far more cheaper than iPad. There are many different brands of android tablets in the market today. One of the leading android makers is Samsung. There are others like HTC, Innjoo, Lenovo etc.

    From the ordinary user's point of view, android tablet can do anything that iPad does. Still iPad leads when it comes to quality and power. Apple uses very powerful CPU in the various iPad series. The power of the android tablet varies according to brand.

    If you are looking for a work horse to be used not just for pleasure but also for business purposes then you may be wise to invest som extra money to buy the iPad. However, if you are content with surfing, doing your instagram and facebook activities, taking pictures then any tablet will do.

    Wi-Fi Only or Cellular Wi-Fi

    Another consideration no matter if you are buying iPad or android tablet is if if it is just Wi-Fi Only or Cellular Wi-Fi. A Wi-Fi Only iPad or android tablet will only connect to the internet through your mobile phone, home or office network or internet hot-spots.

    Tablets or iPads with Cellular Wi-Fi can connect just like Wi-Fi Only as well as connect to the internet using direct sim card mobile connection. It is more flexible and can be easily used when you travel out of major cities like Nairobi or Mombasa to your village.

    When buying a tablet you should make sure to check their technical specification so you can make informed buying decision.

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