Sewing Machines in Kenya

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Buying Sewing Machines in kenya: Quality and Prices

Although everyone has been impacted by sewing machines, not everyone knows that there are different types of sewing machines in the market and thate there is a lot to consider when buying one. Below is a description of some types of sewing machine available in the kenyan market today.

The mechanical sewing machine is the oldest and longest used sewing machine. Its major advantage is that they do not use electricity. There are two types of mechanical sewing machines: foot and hand driven. The electronic sewing machine sewing machine uses electricity and just like the mecahanic type the electronic sewing machine has both the foot and hand driven types.  The computerised sewing machines is different from the previously discussed types. This machine take sewing into a whole different level. This type of sewing machine is for proffessionals and advanced projects. With machine you can program a design and save it in the machines memory and these saved designs can be chosen from the screen of the machine just like a computer. Finally, there is the Embroidery machine. Embroidery is popular in African dresses today and African designers are making the best of it.  This type of sewing machines often combine normal sewing functions with embroidery functions.

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