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Buying Pressure Cooker in Kenya

Pressure cooking has been claimed to retain more nutrients in meat and vegetables than other cooking methods. Nutrients in the food remains while only the steam escapes during cooking.

In a study of cooking spinach and amaranth in March 2007 which was published The Journal of Food Science it was shown that pressure cooking is the best method for retaining the ascorbic acid and beta-carotene which normal is lost when cooked in water. Even for broccoli it was also shown that 90% of its vitamin C was preserved unlike 78% preservation if steamed or 66% if boiled. The general idea is that  water-soluble vitamins and minerals which are usually lost during conventional cooking by boiling or steaming are preserved through pressure cooking.

There is also the case that pressure cooking is less energy demanding and is faster than conventional cooking by saving up to 70% of cooking time thereby saving cost. In environments where water is scarce, it looks to me that pressure cookers may be the answer to cooking. Solar power may be used to compensate for lack of electricity. We have lots of sun.

How Pressure Cookers Work

Compared to conventional method, very little water is used for pressure cooking. , A pressure cookers, acting just like steam cookers where steam is not allowed to escape,  building the air pressure. Vitamins and nutrients are retained because very little water comes into contact the food during pressure cooking.

Electric pressure cooker is recommended super-easy pressure cooking.  All you do is set the desired pressure level on the control panel.  Next, choose cooking time duration  and the press Start to proceed. When the chosen pressure level is reached a countdown is started by the cooker and a sound or signal is given when done.

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