Men's Clothes in Kenya

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Men's Clothes - How a real men shop and dress in Kenya

When real men dress up people take notice. They don't over dress but they do dress for the occasion, Of course there are occasions that call for the good old Levi or diesel Jeans with T-shirts and there are others that call for our great traditional wears.

When going for a business meeting it is expected that you look the role you are about to play in that meeting. The general rule is to look formal. This is where men suits come in handy. A complete suit is always nice.

Although not much is discussed about colours, it advisable not to be too colorful or wear bright colors. The traditional black, brown or grey suit never goes wrong. Always choose a good shirt to match. Before you dress up, consider having a vest or singlet before you wear a shirt. The vest or singlet is especially helpful on a warm day when you sweat. You will recognize this when you take public transport to a meeting or work and find yourself sandwiched between other passengers on a hot day.

Shirts with Cufflinks?

People have asked if it is good to use cufflinks. The answer is yes. Nothing makes a man standout more like accessories like cuff-links, wristwatches and rings. However, you will need to find a shirt that is made for cufflinks.

How much should men's shirt cost?

When deciding where to buy your mens' clothes or if you are worried about your budget and wonder how much a good designer suit, shirt or jeans would cost and if you can afford it, my recommendation is that good clothes do not necessarily have to cost too much. By comparing prices here at you will be able to find great clothes at low prices without having to downsize your dream.

Men Casual Shirts and Trousers in Kenya

Casual shirts are usually worn for leisure. They are not the typical shirts or trousers you wear to business meetings. Casual shirts and trouser are usually vibrant and colourful in design. in extravagant and vibrant designs and come in different materials, colors, shape and design. Althoough some of these casual men clothes, trousers and shirts can be worn in workplaces, they may not fit in business meetings. But yet again some business meeting may be very casu requiring casual wears. Buying men casual shirts, trousers and clothes in general is a matter of personal taste.

Jeans Trousers in Kenya

Jeans trousers, whether by Levi Strauss, Deisel, G-Star, Lucky Jeans, Pepe Jeans London, Calvin Klein or CK, Guess, True Religion, Wrangler, Jack and Jones are casual wears.

Jeans are usually rough and heavy and practical. They are great for work and fun as well as for casual business meetings. You can find a large collection of men jeans from various online store at Pricechecko kenya.