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Finding the laptop that is right for you, fits your needs and at the price that is most affordable to you is a topic most laptop buyers struggle with. You do not have to be an expert to be able to address some of the most important considerations when you buy a laptop in Kenya. So, here is what to look for when buying a laptop in Kenya.

Curious about laptop computers work? From a technical perspective, a laptop has hard disk, processor, motherboard, memory, graphic card, sound card, keyboard, and mouse that are mostly integrated into the laptop and controlled by touch. Smaller than desktop PC, laptops are usually light and easier to carry with you.

Just like when buying a desktop pc in Kenya, before you start searching online or trekking off to the market to buy your laptop, you will have to deal with the question of which platform or operating system of your laptop. The three main platforms are Windows (which is most popular), Mac and Chrome OS. In Kenya, most laptop users prefer the Windows platform. It is most flexible and more easily affordable in the market. In comparison with the Mac OS, the Windows laptop PC are cheaper. However, the MacBook is known for its resilience, durability and high quality. The only down side to the MacBook is that it is expensive.

Depending on the type of usage you will be putting the laptop to, you will have to consider the specifications of your laptop before buying. Not all laptops are created equal. You will have to choose the type and capacity of the processor, the type of keyboards and the RAM size that you would want for your laptop. A laptop that will be used for simpler tasks like writing school papers and surf the internet would require a simpler specification that the laptop to be used for more tasking work should as video and sound editing.

The battery life of your laptop is as important as the CPU or RAM capacity. Make sure to choose a laptop with long lasting battery life. Traveling away from the cities in the country where there be be no electricity, you will certainly find yourself regretting not buying a laptop with tested long life battery.

Finally, be realistic about your budget. You should only buy what you can afford. One of the best way to buy a good laptop within your budget is to focus of a laptop that meets the specification you need. Many people make the mistake of buying a laptop with specifications that they do not need or may never use. In most cases it is the specification that determines the price of laptops in Kenya.

Whether you choose to buy a Hp laptop in Kenya or a buy mini laptop in Kenya, taking the points above into consideration will save you some grief.

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