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Price of Home Theater in Kenya

Wondering what a home theater is? Thnking about buying one here in Kenya?
A home theater  (also called home theatre)  is a home entertainment  that is built to bring the sound and feel of the movie theater into the home. A great sound theater transports the listener into the movie theater reality while in his or her sitting room. The home theater system is also call the home cinema.

Typically, the home theater system uses a combination of a projector or a large LED of 3D flat-screen along with the audio system with at least four or more surround sound  speakers backed up with a minimum of one low-frequency  subwoofer speaker.

Home theater system in Kenya market come from brands like Samsung, Logitech, Sayona, Acme, Yamaha, Bose, Panasonic and Sanyo.

Before you decide on the home theater system to buy, consider the room in which you will place the system. Never buy more than you need and neither should you buy less system and power than you need. You will have to look for what fits your need. It makes a difference whether  your sitting room is hard floor with polished stones or rugged. Hard floor could create echoes. The size of the room will also help decide the size of the LED or 3D TV screen that you will need.

If possible, buying the complete home theater system (audio and video) from same brand is the best way to go. It is easier to align system of same brand. They connect more easily.

What differentiates a home theater  from normal television system is the surround sound. At least a minimum of three speakers is needed to get a proper surround sound experience. The audio signal is separated so that different sound signals are produced by different speakers.

It is not just enough to have a great TV. Since 50% of the cinematic experience is due to surround audio sound experience, it is just as important to have a great audio system too.

The price of home theater in Kenya is generally determined by a combination of factors which includes brand and size of the home theater of choice. For instance,  Sony home theater price in Kenya, LG home theatre prices in Kenya and Panasonic home theater price in Kenya vary but these are great brands and their prices are on the high side. In some cases the shop and its location may also determine the price and this is where PriceChecko helps buyers irrespective of their location. Online stores at PriceChecko deliver directly to your doorstep  at the same price. Buyers can also compare products from more than one shop before deciding to buy.

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