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8ft3- Double Door Refrigerator - HRD-162S - Silver
8ft3- Double Door Refrigerator - HRD-162S - Silver

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    Buying Fridges and Deep Freezers in Kenya

    Buying a fridge or deep freezer in Kenya for homes or offices comes with a lot of advantages. It make cooking meals and managing the family less time consuming and less expensive since meals can be prepared in advance or food products bought and stored for future use without the fear of hem getting spoilt.  However, there is also the very important issue of affordability and price of refrigerator in Kenya as well as they type of refrigerator that fits the family or office needs. These are very important issues that, if not solved, may result in buying a fridge or freezer in Kenya that does not solve the family's need.

    Owning a refrigerator comes with responsibility too. You will have to maintain the fridge when you put it to use. Although the cost of repairing a fridge in Kenya is not that expensive, you wouldn't want to put your fridge through all that when you know that prevention is much better than cure.

    There are a few important actions you can take to maintain your refrigerators efficiency.  You can always start with coil maintenance by cleaning the coils every now and then and then make sure that the fridge is kept from heat by for example not placing your fridge near your oven or in a position where it is in constant direct contact with the sun,

    Refrigerators come in different forms or designs. Some come as combined freezer and fridge while other come without freezers. Those that are combined fidge and freezers may have the freezer part on the side of, above or below the fridge part..

    Although you can buy refrigerators at cheap prices in many shops along the road, it is advisable that you buy your fridges from reputable shops that guarantee the refrigerator you are buying. You will also be rest assured that refrigerator is safe and meets the standard requirements

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